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To Cristina and Enzo website

Enzo and Cristina in Balos

We are an Italian couple who have been visiting the island since 2010, when the first property was purchased.

We take care of welcoming those who wish to have support to spend a holiday in Crete.

We host people, both in our villa in Almyrida, and in our house in Neo Choriò.

We provide support service for disadvantaged people, (assistance to people with mobility problems and/or cognitive difficulties) and holidays with possibility of recreational and educational activities.

We try to introduce you to the rural social fabric of the area where we live, to make you live an all-round experience, and if you wish you can also meet the Italian culture that breathes the same Mediterranean air, we are Italian and you can find traits of Italian culture, for example, in our traditional cooking workshops.

Enzo worked for 18 years in social welfare structures in northern Italy before embarking on this new adventure.

In his youth he gained experience in assisting bathers.

Over the years he has maintained a great passion for the tradition of Italian rural cuisine.

Cristina is an architect with a thesis on urban restoration, who has also gained experience in publishing, especially school publishing for foreign languages.

In her laboratory called “TERRA terra” she deals with the use of natural materials.

The raw earth, paper and wool of local shepherds are some of the materials she uses to make artifacts.

In adulthood he gained experience in the theater sector, deepening the trend of dance therapy and organizes dance therapy sessions.