I was born in the 60s near Milan, times and places where the new material of choice becomes now plastic also in fashion, design and art.

The Polytechnic, where I studied architecture, turns to be with this opportunity the pole of design and freedom in the form that makes everybody’s head spin and fill the world with a material that is difficult to dispose of.

However, I am interested in RESTORATION, my field of choice, and in these times with the need to return to nature, I restore the wool processing techniques here in Crete.

Here wool is considered a waste of sheep farming. I am near Chania, in Neo Chorio, in the hinterland of Kalyves, a place suitable for a holiday closer to nature and its times that Crete still abounds in.

I rediscover traditional techniques, but at the same time I carry out research on the new forms and functions that raw wool can take and perform.

I rediscover a work that is almost a meditation as the passage of time is too fast to accommodate the very long times of processing. Thus I have a real philosophical experience of the natural material.

However, it is the synthesis and the search for objects appropriate to the material to obtain small and unique works of art and craftsmanship.

This makes me proud to be able to offer you lock-down slippers today and after that. Everyone likes these little masterpieces, in fact they are not the celebration of the one who produced them, but the celebration of solidarity with those who use them and of possible friendship.